About The Technology:

Zodiac Solutions provides a range of interactive solutions ranging from interactive table to transparent LCD showcase. Interactive table allows you to showcase your products and services in an innovative way. At a table setting, you can now allow your consumers to learn more about your products and services, all within the comfort of their seats. With our interactive digital table, you can now customize according to what works best in reaching your marketing objectives. From RFID/ NFC programs to running advertisements, there are endless possible features that can pick and mix to create your dream marketing campaign. With the multi-point capacitive touch interface, you can enhance social interaction amongst your consumers through mini game segments. At the same time, it is also an effective way in building positive brand association with all the various customized branding touchpoints – from table decals to on-screen branding elements for an immersive user experience.

For our touch projection, using our sensors, we can also transform any surfaces into a touch screen. We design interactive touch triggered animations and content that revolves around your products. 

Lastly, we provide transparent LCD showcase where you can not only showcase your physical product but also create corresponding and appropriate content to complement with them. Now you can send any kind of marketing or brand messages across to your consumers in an innovative manner!