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Interactive wall projections

About The Technology:

Taking the projection technology, we realised it on a larger scale and pushed the range of interactions and feedback, making a space to stand out from the crowd, a conversation starter that’s experimental, innovative, playful, integrated and exploratory. Created in-house, the stand was a collaborative effort between our Digital, Interiors and Graphics teams. Using conductive ink, the interface looks more like a mural than a typical touchscreen.

We built on existing projection-mapping software, typically used to visualise electronic music, to layer over animations, sound and interaction. Each of the illustrations tells a different story, whether communicating stock levels and product information, or the simple interaction of chasing a duck around the canvas. Within the physical space it forms a single coherent experience with an abundance of explorable content.

We also deploy sensors to allow the interaction between the guests and the projection walls. We can turn any surface into a touch screen using our unique sensors. Contact us if you need an projection wall for your event!

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