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Cabling Services

At Zodiac Solutions, we provide an extensive wide array of cabling services for all your needs and wants.


Structured Cabling forms the basis of all data, voice, video communication in every organization. It is therefore very important to install the cabling to specifications to ensure a future-proof and robust communication infrastructure. We understand that, so we work closely with various vendor to ensure customers get what they need using full solutions, trained technicians and the latest equipments to certify the cabling system.

We also deploy wireless access points in your venues such as shopping malls, schools and hotels. This is the placement of wireless AP at the optimum locations with a premise. This would involve a radio frequency test to determine the numbers of access points needed and the optimum locations to mount them in order attain a full coverage of the premise as well as good performance.

Zodiac Solutions not only deploy cabling infrastructure for permanent setup, but also for events, conferences and exhibitions too. Check out our event wifi page to understand more! 



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